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El Gato Chimney
De Rerum Natura
Stephen Romano Gallery, New York
March 5 – April 25, 2015

For De Rerum Natura, his solo exhibition at Stephen Roman Gallery, El Gato Chimney proposes to further investigate the themes dear to him in a new body of works, including large-format watercolors and a site-specific installation.

Following the steps of famous storytellers, the artist uses animals, made-up or real, often hiding behind masks and always wearing ceremonial clothes from primitive cultures, to depict the vices and the virtues of the world around him: a world constantly split between a daytime Arcadia and an unquiet night, where the dividing line between the two is clearly visible and easy to cross, both a danger signal and an invitation to disobedience.
At a first glance one could overlook the details: figures hidden in the clouds, seemingly common objects abandoned forever or left waiting for something or someone, and, above all, symbols, a multitude of heterogeneous symbols whose decipheration reveals new meanings at every reading.
El Gato Chimney, instead of giving us a definite answer, fills his works with clues, and appeals to our imagination and to our sensibility, keys of interpretation of the world.

The accompanying catalogue features critical essays by Michela D'Acquisto, Pam Grossman, and Martin Wittfooth.